Kitchen & Bathroom

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This is only the colour collection. The paint would be supplied as Crown Trade Mixed Paint.

Shop the full range of paints suitable for kitchen and bathroom use here at From brighter colours to help liven up your kitchen, to more subdued tones to make for a calm and relaxing bathroom space, we’ve got all you need to rejuvenate your home with fresh new hues.

From bright oranges such as Bath Bomb to hot pinks like Fuchsia Fizz, and from cool greens such as Lunch Date to tonal beiges like Almond Biscuit, Baking Day or Bread Basket, there is a colour for every interior style amongst Crown Trade’s Kitchen & Bathroom range.

Specially formulated to keep up with the demands of modern family life, Crown Trade Kitchen & Bathroom paints are more long-wearing than regular paints and are therefore easier to maintain. They also make wiping spills and stains off walls and surfaces easy, saving you time when cleaning and money on future repainting.

Crown Trade Kitchen & Bathroom paints provide rich tones and a professional finish. With vibrant hues and long-lasting colour, these quality paints are a top-of-the-range, affordable option when looking to revamp your space. Browse the full range today.