RAL Colours

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RAL Colours is the most popular European colour standard used today. With all shades following the same code, name and exact hue, they’re used in construction, architecture, industry and road safety. Should you need an exact shade, we have an extensive range of Crown Trade RAL paints to suit your needs.

The international colour matching system defines colours for plastics, coatings and paints and is the most famous and commonly used system. If you’re looking to find a shade to match an existing colour from the RAL standard, you’re likely to find it here. For consistent shades and good quality paints, shop the Crown Trade RAL Colour Paints online today.

From deep crimsons and hot reds starting from RAL 3000, to cool blues and muted indigos that begin at RAL 5000, the simply organised colour range is easy to navigate with no fussy names or confusingly similar shades. If you want to invest in redecorating with a colour that is extremely unlikely to be discontinued or difficult to find in years to come, an RAL Colour is the best way to go.

For easy-to-match paints and classic, recognised shades, browse our full range of Crown Trade RAL Colour paints.