Standard Colours

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Crown Trade Paints are some of the best in the business and have been used by homeowners and businesses for years. Featuring a variety of different colour ranges, the Standard Colours range has to be one of the most classic, and the most popular.

With over 300 colours available, you’ll be sure to find the best shade for your home. Prefer a more neutral palette? There’s whites, creams, coffees and minks which can be used alone or paired with one or more from a similar ilk to really bring out a unique interior style.

For those seeking darker paints, choose from greens, khakis, and navy blues for a modern look. Or, for younger members of the family seeking something more fun, there’s peachy pinks, bright aquas and reds, and yellows ranging from mellow to bright and outgoing.

It’s not just the shades in the Standard Colours range to consider, they also come in a variety of different finishes, depending on what style you’re after. Silky emulsions give off a light shine and encourage light into darker, smaller rooms. Matt finishes, on the other hand, will make walls look super smooth, enhancing the colours even further.

Size-wise, choose from 1 litre for a smaller job to up to 5 litres for several rooms in the house – or if you want to make sure you’ve got plenty left over.

Want something a little more unique? Ask us about the potential for a custom order to get the perfect shade, designed just for you.