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Selecting blue and grey palettes for your home, especially when it comes to paint, is a modern and stylish trend. Ever since the rise in Scandi styles, the interior design world has gone crazy for these soothing colours.

Crown Trade Paints feature over 90 colours in the blues and greys range, designed to bring calm into your home. These palettes are notoriously relaxing and help clear the mind, so are great for living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices. Aquas, deep greys, light and mid-range blues all feature, so you can choose your favourite to keep things simple or opt for two or more shades to inject a bit of a difference into any room in the home.

The blues and greys available can also be purchased in several different finishes, depending on your preference.

We have a special sheen scale, which shows how shiny (or not), each finish entails. Matts will cover any lumps and bumps in the walls, leaving a more contemporary finish. If you prefer a silkier shine, finishes including gloss and satin are great for wood and metal. Here, you could experiment with painting the furniture for a more subtle colour injection as opposed to painting every single wall.

From 1-5 litre pots, you can choose how much you need for the job at hand before deciding what to purchase.

If you’re after something a little more unique, ask us about the potential for a custom order, which is specifically designed just for you.