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When it comes to painting and decorating, you might think it’s as easy as painting straight onto a plastered or pre-painted wall. In reality, there are a few steps you should take prior to painting your colour on, including the use of primers and undercoats. A primer works as a foundation, preparing the wood or metal so that any further coats of paint adhere correctly. An undercoat, usually sold in white, works to create a clean slate for new paint colours. So, if you are working on a previously painted surface, you should use an undercoat, but if your surface has never been treated, it’s best to use a primer.

Here at Buy Paints Online, we stock primers from only the very best brands to get you started on your painting and decorating journey, including Crown Trade primers, Zinsser primers, and Sandtex primers. With these quality products and a paintbrush or roller at your disposal, you will have everything you need to tackle any painting job – big or small! From bathrooms and bedrooms to corridors, closets, walls and ceilings, our range of high-quality primers and undercoats will give you the perfect base from which to paint your choice of colour. Have any questions about which primer is best for your painting project? Contact our friendly team today!