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Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star is a high-quality woodcare product. The preservative is ideal for use on external wood, including sheds, joists, fences and cladding.

The active ingredients are permethrin (0.186%) and propiconazole (0.93%). These ingredients help to penetrate the wood to guard against rot, staining and certain insects. The formula has recently been improved and is now classed as a low odour solvent-based formula. This makes it a good product to use on domestic projects as the smell is reduced. The product can be applied internally (such as in a garage or shed) as long as the space is well ventilated.

The active ingredients may not work if the wood is wet, so ensure the solution has sufficient drying time before any additional coats are applied. This is around 24 hours.

The preservative can be applied via spray, brush or immersion. It is a good idea to immerse or soak timber such as fence posts that will be entering the ground in the preservative for up to an hour before being installed.

Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star has a clear woodcare coating, helping to preserve the look of your wood as well as its longevity.