Beautiflex Ral Colours

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The Sadolin Beautiflex range is a durable woodcare solution. It is currently available in a large choice of RAL colours, the standardised colour range that is used across different brands of paint.

Opaque RAL colours are perfect for changing the colour of wood entirely and are suitable for most external timber, including cladding, sheds, fences and decking. The Sadolin Beautiflex range offers very consistent retention of colour and reliable weather resistance. The flexible finish will ensure that as the wood weathers, the paint will not peel or flake.

The Sadolin Beautiflex range can be painted onto new wood or wood that has previously been painted. If the previous coat was applied using paint from a different brand, it will be easy to match the colour if the paint is a RAL one. The Beautiflex range is available in white and black with 42 tinted shades and 75 tinted Beach Hut shades.

The paint will be dry to the touch in four to six hours and a second coat can be applied (if needed) within 24 hours. Paint is available in one litre or two and a half litre tins.