Beautiflex Colours

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Have you got decking or exterior wood that needs freshening up? The dazzling Beautiflex Colours available here are perfect for the job! The Beautiflex woodcare range comes in three standard colours: Black, White and Hickory. In addition to this, we stock an impressive 42 tint shades, so we are confident you’ll find exactly what you need right here! If you’re looking to revamp your exterior with a trendy and bold approach, why not have a look at the H7311A Beautiflex colour? We also provide lots of traditional wood tint options to suit every taste.

We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the resistance to fading in sunlight that these colours offer, as all those available to shop here have excellent lightfastness. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space without any worries of discolouration for a long time into the future. To add to your confidence in this woodcare choice, you can also rely on a flexible coating which is designed to provide your wood with longer-lasting protection. Available in both 1L and 2.5L capacities, you’re able to get the right amount for your renovating plans. Shop now with for woodcare you can trust!