Sadolin Classic Tinted Shades

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The Sadolin brand is renowned for their superior protection against the weather. Their woodstains absorb deeply into the wood to offer protection for up to ten years, making these products perfect for any outdoor wooden structures. This makes Sadolin the number one choice for large outdoor projects including decking, fencing, cladding and even outdoor furniture or buildings.

The vast colour range of the Sadolin Classic Tinted Shades, from smoky olive tones to bold blues, means no matter the colour palette of your space, we have a woodstain that will fit perfectly. Whether your project is indoor or outdoor, a home venture or a professional design, Sadolin woodstains provide first-class woodcare and come highly recommended. The Classic Tinted Shades can be used as a base coat and we recommend using Sadolin Extra for the topcoat.

When you purchase Sadolin products, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re investing in over 200 years of experience, which brings with it the highest possible standard of wood protection and coatings technology. If you make Sadolin Classic Tinted Shades your next choice, we know you’ll be delighted with both the colour and the woodcare you receive.