Sadolin Extra

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If you’re looking for optimum durability, this range of Sadolin Extra will never disappoint. If your wood is subject to abrasion, heavy wear, or intense weather conditions, Sadolin Extra is an ideal purchase. As a brand renowned for its high-level protection and first-class woodcare, these products are of the highest standards. Designed for exterior joinery, Sadolin Extra is the perfect protection for your doors and conservatories. Often a focal point of your home, it’s essential that these are kept well maintained.

Offering Sadolin Extra in a multitude of colours, this range will always have the perfect woodstain for your specific needs. Shop for colours such as pine, oak, mahogany, redwood, ebony, Jacobean, and teak. Suitable for hardwoods and softwoods, in particular on doors and windows, this product will provide ultimate protection against environmental threats. For optimum results, especially if you have recently invested in new wood, we recommend combining Sadolin Extra with Sadolin Classic, using the latter as a base.

Enhance the natural beauty of your exterior hard or soft wood by allowing it the protection it deserves. With a touch drying time of just 4 to 6 hours, you’ll see fantastic results with minimal inconvenience.