Crown Trade Primer / Undercoat

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If you are getting started on a new painting project, then you are probably focused on looking at colour charts and deciding what will fit in best with your chosen colour scheme. But before you grab that paintbrush or roller, did you know it is just as important to put in the time to prep your surface before you start painting? Assuming you are working on a previously untreated surface, such as wood or plaster, it is vital that you introduce a layer or two of primers and undercoats prior to painting. Primers and undercoats work by creating a foundation to which the subsequent coats of paint can stick, allowing for better and more even coverage.

For a guaranteed perfect finish, choose from our range of Crown Trade Primers. Used by professional painter and decorators all across the country, Crown Trade Primers can be used on a variety of surfaces, making it an incredibly versatile option as well as providing high-quality adhesion for your paint. It also applies smoothly, creating excellent opacity so your subsequent paint coats look superb. Best of all, it can be used internally or externally, so is perfect for any painting project you may have in mind. For DIY painting, you can’t go wrong with Crown Trade Primers!