Sadolin Classic

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Designed for both exterior and interior wood, Sadolin Classic Woodcare is available in a vast range of timeless colours that will revive and rejuvenate garden furniture, decking and fencing as well as interior wood. Offering deep and penetrating protection, this all-purpose woodcare provides a multi-functional solution for home decorating whether you want to safeguard large areas of timber from environmental elements or use it as a basecoat for new windows and doors before varnishing them.

We stock Sadolin’s huge selection of classic woodcare colours including Jacobean Walnut, Mahogany, Dark Olive, French Navy and White Birch. These classic colours absorb deeply into the wood for superior and long-lasting protection against cold weather and rain. Sadolin Classic Woodcare can be used on smooth and rough sawn timber, garden sheds and outbuildings, cladding, fencing, decking and new joinery. For exterior wood, this versatile product can be used on its own or overcoated with Sadolin Clearcoat or Sadolin Yacht Varnish if you want an exceptionally durable and glossy finish. On interior wood and interior wood flooring it can be used as a basecoat before applying an overcoat of Sadolin Polyurethane Varnish. The remarkable finish of Sadolin Classic woodcare ensures you still see the beauty of natural wood grain through the coating and you are guaranteed first-class coverage every time.