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Beautiful beiges, fresh-looking creams and decadent coffees make up this range of colours from Crown Trade Paints.

With 132 shades available on our site, you’re truly spoilt for choice.

Using lighter colours, especially creams, to paint a room can make it feel more spacious, open and refreshing. As they reflect light as opposed to absorbing it, like darker colours, light colours allow the space to be flooded with sunlight. Plus, cream shades are great for the Feng Shui of a room, so they can be perfect for office spaces, living rooms, and bigger kitchens.

If you want to paint your whole house cream, you can alternate between different shades across the spectrum, from darker coffee and chocolate shades to the light and refreshing creamier colours. Plus, choosing more than one shade for one room will avoid looking too one-dimensional.

Once you’ve chosen the colour, you’ll need to consider the finish. From Matts, which cover any blemishes easily on walls (great for older builds), to Satins and Glosses and Silk and Satin Emulsions, there’s plenty of different ways to make cream work for your home or business.

Size-wise, the creams range of Crown Trade Paints that we stock starts at 1 litre, going up to 2.5, and then 5 litres for more than one room (or just to make sure you have some leftover at the end).

If you need any help selecting that perfect creamy shade, simply get in touch and we’d be happy to help in any way we can.