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If you’re looking for exceptional multipurpose paint, look no further than Sadolin superdec satin. Suitable for cladding, doors and windows, Sadolin superdec satin creates a flexible, high-quality finish on all types of exterior wood. Applying Sadolin superdec satin is simple and straightforward as the paint is formulated to be both self-priming and undercoating. As the formula is highly pigmented, you can expect a short and simple painting experience.

10 years of durable protection is guaranteed with Sadolin superdec satin. This means you can confidently paint exterior wood, safe in the knowledge the paint will not crack, fade or become dull whilst outside and exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as direct sunlight and rainfall. At, we have a wide range of colours available, so you’re sure to find the right colour for your home or for the project you are completing. If you would like any advice or guidance about which paint colour is right for you, do not hesitate to contact our expert team.